IMMIX, Inc. takes local high-quality waste fines, not useable for concrete or other products, and directly converts them into high-quality decorator products using its patented and proprietary Earthquake Rock Forming (© ERF) Process.

Immix Patio


Fact Sheet:
85% recycled waste fines
Flat panels
Color:  natural,  decorator stains
Finish: rough, polished, non-volatile sealer

Member: Boulder Green Builders Guild



Immix masonry products are manufactured to meet LEED sustainable green standards for construction products.  Recycled concrete and stone materials suitable only for land fill are reclaimed and used along with the patented natural Earthquake Rock Forming method to create stone like products.  Our heat reflective pavers are lighter than standard pavers and are designed to be used in energy saving suspended flat roof gardens, patios, and spas.  Floor tiles and wall tiles are also available.  Cities concerned with green building have awarded “green points” toward obtaining building permits.